So Far So Good

It is the end of 2016 and I cannot be more grateful CERAMICS:the art that is new for me and has already given me so, so much: -Starting on 2014 -Won design award in 2015 from Taiwan -Done 4 markets in 2016 -2 retails outlets -A collection of design that I don't mind doing for a long, long time: RIDGE SOAP DISH, RAIN DROP BOX FISH NECKLACE CLAY CLOCKS and LITTLE CLAY HOUSE

GINKO CLAYWORKS. These are my early pieces created from clay and whatever came to my mind. They were not very technically advanced but I love them. As an artist, I trust that one can always make something aesthetically satisfying with very little, in terms of skill level. It is the vision and the realization of it that counts.
Colors of the ocean and the beach. It is hard to describe one's own style until someone else tell it back to you--
More than a few times, people had told me that my pieces look like something you can find in a rock on the beach.
It feels organic, it has the marking of time past and natural process... look at those speckles! It is the result of the interaction between the iron in the clay and the chemicals in the glaze. I LOVE IT.
Honestly, I don't have much control over the outcome on that interaction, and that's why I was every bit as nicely surprised as anyone else. (Of course that mean there are nasty surprises once it a while).
Is it worth it? Absolutely. 
Surprise...Surprise...I won the grand prize for a design competition sponsored by one of
the top fine tea and tea ware company in Taiwan. -- Less than one year into doing ceramics.
I think the universe is trying to tell me something...:-)

I took advantage of the order which is part of the Award and requested to work at their ceramics factory to finished the commission. Here I was, with 600 unique hand dipped Rain Drop Boxes. So proud of them.
I am so, so grateful for all the kind Taiwanese people who had helped me with the slip casting process. The 600 or so pieces cannot be done without the kindness of the strangers.
This is a third time I did the Xiem Clay Center market. Winter 2016. I was not very eager to invite friends to come to the previous two, as I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. I am more confident by now. I find my partner Sandy and make the show more of a social event than purely selling stuff. It was fun.
...and my sales figure is up 80% than last time.
Exposed clay body. It didn't take me too long to find out my love for raw clay on my ceramics pieces.
I don't care too much about concealing the clay with shiny glazed surfaces. I think clay, mud, stone are beautiful.
Before going to Taiwan. All these Rain Drop Box are handmade and a bit loop sided.
Showing it at the Open Studios Alta/Pasa/Dena art tour. Sort of embarrassed about the small number of pieces that I had and not knowing how much to charge. (Kip from Sidewalk Cafe was cheering me on...)
CHALK ART: The Earth without Art is just EH.
This is the box of Rain Drop Box that is in Taiwan and China. What I heard was that, my piece won the award for being "useless"
"The use of the useless" ...a very poetic way to see my work.
Truth be told, this piece is totally useful for me, a forgetful person. It holds all that stuff that I is a safe place for those items.
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